Holding Company for Construction & Development

Projects of Affiliated companies

Projects of Misr Concrete Development Co.

Silos in 10th of Ramadan

Gawharet Nile Corniche (Tower No. 5)

Tamiya housing in Fayoum (23 buildings)

Gamasa Housing (33 buildings)

Derb Negm Sewage plants

Housing of Engineers at 6th of October (78 Buildings)

Ground and high Reservoir and separation of the water network from the fire network in Dekheila

Gawhart Nile Corniche (Tower 3) + two floors garage at Lotus tower

Kafr Amer Radwan and Kafr Mansour Sewage- Kafr Shukr Center - Qalubia Governorate

Craft workshops complex - south of El Mostakbal City

Water lifting project for Sidi Abdelkader area in Alexandria

(Western purification plant (treatment of industrial drainage using biofilm system

Al-Santa Sewage Networks No. 2 (Bilay & Al Bandara)

Sewage networks in Bahnaya, Sharkeya Governorate

Buildings of the third residential district (R3) in the new administrative capital

Construction of 33 residential buildings at 6th October (Phase II)- Dahshour

Compound consists of 9 buildings at the 6th district in New Heliopolis

Gamasa housing project (10 buildings)

Syndicate of Engineers Housing in Ras El Bar

Potable water project in New Heliopolis city

New Ismailia Project

Wl Akhsas bridge - Menya

Develop and raise the efficiency of the axis of Mustafa El Nahas Nasr City

Dahshour housing - Giza

El Shams Housing 2 (45 buildings) 6th of October

Meet El Amel Sewage station

Utilities of Tourist district in New Menya city

facilities 5, 6 and 8 In New Borg El Arab

Extensions of waste water treatment plant-Sanhour- El Fayoum

10 th of Ramadan housing

Industrial wastewater treatment plant- El Mahala for Textiles Co.

Extensions of water purification plant-South of Alamein

Damanhour University

Water station and sewage networks-Toukh

Water station and sewage networks-Kalyoub

Regional road Badr-ElFayoum- 6th of October

Villages and utilities - Atfih

Meet Ghamr water station& Networks

Sanhwa Sewerage Network

Irrigation network in New Cairo

Building irradiation- Om Zaghyou- Alexandria

Khartoum-Soba New Water Works

Borg El-Arab Mill

El Rehab Mill in New Damietta

Faculty of Science

Alexandria Courts Complex Building

Nesco Tourist Village

El-Gabal El-Asfar Waste Water Treatment Plant Contract No. 16

Etay El-Barood High Way (Bridge)

Children Hospital in Mansoura university

Ministry of Electricity, Complex Building

Semiramis Inter Continental – Cairo

The High Dam Power Station