Holding Company for Construction & Development

Projects of Affiliated companies

Projects of El Nasr Housing and Development

Administrative Building Project

Housing project north of the second neighborhood

El Mostakbal project– Mokattam Buildings No (34: 40)

EL Zohor Project "B" - Mokattam- 13 Buildings

3 Towers No: 10094 & 10097 & 10098 (Grand Plaza)Neighboring tenth – Maraj

El Amal Project – Maraj -Buildings no (24 : 38)

El Amal Project – Maraj - Building no- (89 : 101)

El Amal Project – Maraj- Buildings no (1:7)

El Amal Project – Maraj- Buildings no (107 : 117)

2Towers no.10085: 10082- tenth neighboring – Maraj

Calma Project

2 Towers 81, 82 – El Mostakbal

Residential Complex Project "7345" - Maraj

Gardens in partitions projects

Adjustment and preparation of new partitions and fences

Construction of a housing block (tower) on land no.6042, 6h neighboring at El Meerag

Construction of 2 housing blocks on lands no. (146, 161) El Mostakbal division- El Hadaba El Wosta- Mokattam

Ganaty Project on land no 63 at fifth settlement in south of El Mostasmerine zone

Sun rise El Nasr 73 project

Reconstruction project of El Amal partition at the lower hill - Mokattam

Orkedia resort - Fifth settlement- El Mostasmerine zone

Reconstruction project of El Safwa partition at the upper hill - Mokattam

Reconstruction projrct of El Zohour partition at El Hadaba El Olya- Mokattam

Wahat El Kheir project 6th of october, first urban area

Establishment of 4 Residential Buildings numbers (89-90 - 91-92)

Establishment of 5 Residential Buildings numbers (6-7-10-11-12) El Zohour division

Sun rise compound – plot 73- fifth settlement (new phase)

Ganaty compound – plot 63- fifth settlement (new phase)

Residential building- plot 6042- sixth district- El Meerag

4 residential buildings at El Mostakbal zone- El Mokatam on areas no. (71-72-73-74) El Mostakbal division

6 residential buildings at El Mostakbal zone- El Mokatam

Establishment of 4 residential buildings numbers (1044 - 1045-1046)