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Company In Brief
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  • Company In Brief

    Construction, building and contracting sector is playing a major economic role as a key driver of growth due to its significant contribution in infrastructure completion and due to the mutual influence between this sector and economic growth in any state.

    Construction and building sector has been a vital sector for economy. It affects more than 90 industries such as cement, iron, plaster, painting, ceramics and wooden industries...etc. This sector is also considered one of major sectors that attract manpower. About 8% of total manpower in Egypt is working in this sector.

    The Holding company for construction and development (Egyptian holding stock co.), working under law 203 of year 1991, is considered one of the leading companies in construction and building industry in Egypt. Hccd started its activities since 1960 under different names according to the legal regulations controlling its frame of work. Finally, it ended as one of Ministry of Public Business Sector companies to cope with the new economic policy that depends on market mechanism, quality assurance and competitiveness.

    Hccd owns 12 companies categorized as follows: 5 contracting companies, 1 company for Designs and Engineering consultations, 3 housing companies, 1 electric company, and 2 companies that returned to the State after Judicial rulings, and followed the Holding company for Construction& Development : Omar Effendi, Al Arabia Foreign Trade Co.

    The Holding company for construction and development and its subsidiaries are shareholders in several joint venture companies.

    Strategic Vision

    Realize Integration in order to achieve sustainable development in construction & development industry in the Arab world and Africa.

    Strategic Goals

    Performance Improvement
    • Optimal utilization of capital assets
    Individual Performance Improvement
    • Exploitation of human resources and improvement of technical skills (through Capacity development competitiveness Co. for training - Quodrat)
    • Health insurance and collective insurance
    • Establishment of Services and Maintenance Company
    • Improving individuals' technical and financial level
    Increasing Revenues and Profitability
    • Conquer new markets, expand the real estate investment activity through the National company for Asset Management& Investment, the Real Mark Company and the Project Management Company.
    • Maximizing revenues and profitability.
  • Full Time Board Members
    Part Time Board Members
    • Eng. Fatehallah Fawzi Mouhmed Fatehallah

      Eng. Fatehallah Fawzi Mouhmed Fatehallah 



      Eng. Hesham Anwar Abdalla

      Eng. Hesham Anwar Abul Atta 

      Chairman& CEO


      Acc./ Osama Elhusseiny Hamad Salama


      Acc. Osama Elhusseiny Hamad Salama

      Board Member for Financial & Administrative Affairs


    • Consultant/ Mohamed Mohamed Zaki Moussa
      ُُMr/ Medhat Mostafa El Medany
      Mr/ Mohamed Mostafa Kamal
      Mr/ Wael Ahmed Abdel Moaty
      Representative of Egyptian Trade Union Federation 
  • List of manpower for the Holding Company according to Professional Classification on 30/11/2021

    Profession Permanent Temporary Casual employment Lump sum Assistant Consultant Experience Free professions Total
    Profession Permanent Temporary Casual employment Lump sum Assistant Consultant Experience Free professions Total
    Engineer 12 6 1 2 21
    Agricultural Engineer 5 5
    Arts (Applied arts, Fine arts)
    Accountant 59 1 1 1 62
    Administrative 55 7 3 65
    Legal affairs 29 1 1 31
    Doctor & Veterinarian 1 1
    Clerk 73 7 80
    Technicians, Craftsmen, Drivers 37 24 61
    Other services, guards 19 22 1 42
    Total 289 68 1 2 5 2 1 368