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Projects of Affiliated companies

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Projects of The Arab bureau For Designs & Engineering Consultation

National office of Environment - Madagascar

Social housing for low-income people - within the urgent phase 300 acres in the new city of Suez

Social housing in District 15 and District 16, El Obour New City

Construction supervision of residential buildings, and Infra structure networks and road the fifth phase- district of th....

A school and a health unit in the new city of Al-Fashn

Construction of a Tunnel and car crossing under the railway at kilo 41.2 in the sixth region - build your home

Tourist village on the north coast

Infrastructure networks (water - irrigation - sewage - roads) for an area of 1,600 acres in the industrial zone

Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan Hospital (Manshiet Nasser)

Mubarak Police Academy

Central Agency for Organization and Administration

Social housing in October -Gardens

Natural gas supply stations in different governorates

Riyadh Courts Complex

Kafr El-Dawwar Court Extension

Completion of raise efficiency of the family court building ( shebin el-koum)

(Quodrat Academy (Workers Training Center at Badr Center

Cattle quarry and slaughterhouse in Toshka

Raising the efficiency of Helwan Court

Development of Al-Marg hospital

Damhour Oncology Institute

Maadi View El Shorouk

Development of Shaq Al-Tuban area to become a global area for the marble and granite industry

Golden Park Compound

Maadi Valley - El Zahraa

The triple treatment plant - New Heliopolis

Nabarouh courts complex

Development and renewal of the Syndicate of Engineers in Suez

Dermwas court complex

New Heliopolis city Power Station

Three medical centers in Mansoura

The gym closed in Riyadh

Mashiakhet Al-Azhar

College of Pharmacy, Al-Azhar University building

Nubia Museum building

Complex government interests in Minya

General Authority of Civil Aviation Complex

Tanta Courts Complex

Compound of the Ministry of Electricity - Abbasia

Aswan Security Directorate

Red Sea Security Directorate

University Children Hospital, the old (Abu Rish) - Medicine, Cairo

Gynecological Hospital and childbirth - Medicine Ain Shams

Dar el- Efta (Head quarter of Al-Mofti-the expounder)

Arts Academy Buildings

converting Hall 3 in Cairo-international-fair to the Museum of Modern Art

Basra University

Olympic swimming pool at the Police Academy - Abbasia

Mubarak Sports Stadium in October 6

Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Riyadh