Description of the project

Infrastructure networks (water - irrigation - sewage - roads) for an area of 1,600 acres in the industrial zone

-Construction supervision of 220 km of infrastructure networks (water-sewage-irrigation-roads) for an area of 1600 acres using UPVC pipes of all diameters for the water and irrigation networks/ for the sewage network, UPVC pipes for diameters from 200 to 600 mm/pipes are used(Corrugated polyethylene) CHDPE for diameters from 700 mm up to 1000 mm/ concrete pipes without drum for diameters greater than 1000 mm are used.

-Construction supervision of the North Airport Road, with a length of 15.2 km

-Construction supervision of a water tank with a capacity of 20,000 m3 pump station, generator, transformer with their components and the feeding line for the dry port area

Details of the project

Client :New Urban Communities Authority - New 6th of October City Authority
Activity :Utilities
Location :New 6th of October City
Project Status :In Progress