Description of the project

Ministry Of Youth and Sports

The building has a ground floor + 20 floors .‎ It contains: * ‎Suite for the minister in the 2nd floor.‎ * Suite for the deputies in 3,4,5,6 floors.‎

*‎ Library in the first floor * Reception for visitors in 18th floor.‎ The building contains decoration works , lifts , switches, air conditioned works, transfer rooms , pumps , beside conference halls, shades for cars , fence around the building and a court ‎with foundation. ** The Conference Hall In Ministry of Youth And Sports Multi purpose hall, prepared to be used as lecture hall, ‎simultaneous interpretation, theatre .‎ The hall is enough to have 550 visitors .‎It also equipped with interpretation cabinet and phones and ‎buttons to choose the language. This building is an honorable work in front of international mission from different countries that represents sports activities ‎and that assure cooperation and peace between countries.‎

Details of the project

Client :The high council of youth and sports
Activity :Buildings
Location :Giza
End Date :January / 1970