Description of the project

Dar-alifta- Al Azhar - Cairo

This project aims to collect the different departments of Dar-alifta in one building expressing the Arab and Islamic personality and becomes a center of intellectual and religious radiance for the Islamic and Arabic countries. The site of the building have been chosen so as to be in a central area of Cairo of Al Moez Ledin Allah Al Fatemy, but due to the unavailability of space lands of qualifications proportional with the significant personality of the building, a land beside Al Khalidien garden had been chosen to construct this building so as to be on a high land in the intersection between Salah Salem road & Al Azhar street. The architectural style of the building reflects honestly the level of the cultural environment of the area that have been formed as a result of reactions between the religious, social, cultural factors & other cultural effects. The architectural design idea of the building have been focused on achieving several factors, from which is ensuring the Islamic style in a contemporary way, also the separation between the major activities of the building and distributing them in floors. Atlas General Contracting company has been pleased for executing this historical uilding for its religious , social & legal importance, beside the available chance for showing its qualifications in executing the Islamic architecture with its special style, by the help of its various integral factories and its experiences, abilities and specialized labors. Which have been manifested clearly in the execution of this special building. The ability & accuracy of the execution had led to the revelation of the beauty of the design, which appears through the execution of the following: - * The octagonal structure and its arches and ornaments according to the Islamic architecture style * The Islamic mashrabiya with its fine Arabic ornaments and various shapes * The mosque, the dome, the fountains and the marble floors * The selection and installation of illumination units and colored glass in a distinguished way * The success in manufacturing & assembling the facades marble and internal marble so as to achieve the architectural beauty of the facade * The success in designing and executing the furniture, the office and the salon in the distinguished Islamic style The building is modern in its equipment, the specialized expertise of the company have played an important role in executing the conference hall and theatre with its ornaments,show equipment & furniture, also the execution of the modern equipment for the service of the cafeteria, the air conditioning & the electric generators

Details of the project

Client :Ministry of justice
Activity :Buildings
Location :Cairo
End Date :December / 2020