Description of the project

Al Azhar Al Sharief Mashiakha El Khalidien Garden - El Darasa

The site of the building has been chosen in a central region east Cairo of AlMoez Ledin Allah Al Fatemy on a high land in the intersection of Al Azhar street & Salah Salem road, so it would be in the reception of the visitors of Cairo of Al Moez and Al Azhar Al Shareif mosque for what it represents of intellectual & religious radiance for both the Islamic and Arabic worlds. The design idea of the building succeeded in achieving the integration & harmony between the building and the architectural style of the surrounding area with its Islamic monuments of different ages, the integeration of the building with the buildings beside it as Dar El Efta and infront of it as the mamlouk monuments, with the integeration of the architectural elements correlated & attached to the office of the great imam, which are joined functionaly & separated in form so as the whole elements of the imam office are in one separated constructional block & joined functionaly, taking into consederation the style, the constructional blocks, the modern finishing materials & the colors suitable for the exterior surrounding. Beside supporting and supplying the building with the mechanical, electrical & electronic utilities, so it could function efficiently according to the requirements of this period & the future. The ability & accuracy of the execution had led to the revelation of the beauty of the design, which appears in the execution of :- * The deluxe scale of the design of the facades. * The enclosure of the main building block to the office of the great imam for it represents the heart of the building. *Using octagonal design unit on a perpendicular and diagonal axes in the great imam office. *Using the idea of the Islamic mashrabiya & the developed ornaments which indicates the spirit of the period without touching its units essence. *Using elements and units of Al Azhar mosque in shaping the building espicially the architectural block of the imam office. *The internal finishing of the building and the illumination units for different places, using marble & wood with its Islamic forms. *Using the reinforced concrete with glass fibers in covering the outer walls of the building and some of the internal ceilings.

Details of the project

Client :Al Azhar Al Sharief Administration
Activity :Buildings
Location :El Darasa- Cairo
End Date :January / 1999